The World IS NOT Ending

Seriously, it’s not ending on December 21st. Don’t believe ANYTHING you read on the internet or anywhere else telling you otherwise. This isn’t going to be it. I promise. It might be the end for me, rock star curse and all—it’s my 27th birthday—but it won’t be for our planet.

There are much bigger things to worry about right now. If you’re concerned about our planet ending, why not channel that energy into a donation to or another organization dedicated to fighting global warming?

I’ve read horrible stories about people preying on others’ doomsday fears. I’ve read stories citing fears of a higher teen suicide rate centering around the uncertainty these scares create.

I had a tough enough time as a teen and I know I didn’t need ghost stories or dying planets to add to the stress of high school society and changing hormones.

So take my word for it (or Wired Magazine, or NASA, or any number of sources, even Mayans), the world isn’t ending. Anyone who is telling you different is probably trying to get something from you. They’re either a hoaxer, a huckster, a con artist, conning themselves, confused, or maybe they simply like telling ghost stories.

Don’t make any silly financial decisions, don’t make any extreme lifestyle choices. Don’t panic.

My advice: find a good End of the World party on the 21st. It’s a Friday. Soak in the craziness, savor it, these kind of doomsday predictions only come once in a long time… well, okay every year or so. Just have a good night and laugh about how we like to get worked up about our own deaths. It’s natural. And maybe you’ll have so much fun, you’ll wake up on the 22nd and only wish the world had ended.

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