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Cern Tests: Reader Comments

I found one more article quoting the categorists.com post insinuating that the CERN tests spell the end for mankind. There are some great quotes in there:

What good is it for the future of mankind, if you kill all of mankind in the name of science. -very discerning if you watch the video posted of the Mayan elder discussing CERN and 12/21…. That video was made quite a while before this announcement was made.

[referring to this video]

Not sure what whistleblowers this one is referring to, unless they are being suppressed as well:

According to some whistleblowers these dip sh1ts have already caused major problems by creating literally rips in the fabric of time & space, which they cannot control or fix. But apparently they still haven’t learnt anything. They are crazed lunatics. This is possibly the same type of maniacal stupidity of power-mad idiots that lead to the downfall of Atlantis.

For this one, the Christian Bible is the only apocalyptic resource. Not sure I’d advertise that. Note the full transition from denial to acceptance (nearly endorsement) can be found wholly within this one post:

Since the Bible does NOT say, “And lo, when they had fired up the LHC, a black hole didst open and swalloweth the earth and all that was upon it…” I’m guessing these crazy bastards will not end the world. But the idea of opening up an inter-dimensional portal really does smack of angels and keys and bottomless pits full of demons chomping at their unholy bits to swarm the world. So if the portal is opened, the bottomless pit unlocked, and the “gods” return on 12/21, well KUM BA YAH! Just remember folks, the only good lizard is a dead lizard and all of these ickazoids excrete foul fear at the sound of the Holy Name of JESUS CHRIST. Thinking themselves wise, they lack disCERNment, and invite the hordes of hell. Bully. Get on with it. Judgment awaits.

And an insightful (if not still batshit) comment from anon:

…the LHC is a machine that searches for anti-matter… the particle collisions are supposed to simulate the big bag[sic]… apparently they plan to do this experiment during the time where a wave of high consciousness is supposed to briefly hit.

Global Hoax? Strange Visions Return

This is a bad omen. Lots of little tweets mentioning waking dreams:

broncoguy44 – Driving home today I suddenly had this feeling I was walking in mud. REALLY strange meditation I fell into.

howzthemissus – Sleep paralysis is a bitch. I almost had a heart attack waking up to an empty world today

marktommo – Okay I have no idea where my mind was this afternoon.

Maybe I’m rushing to conclusions but there seems like a lot more talk about this in the twitterverse than the last few days. We aren’t out of the woods yet.

Two Possibilities to Ultimate Truth

Posting from my saved drafts:

The way I see it there are two possibilities to the ultimate truth of reality. They couldn’t be more different yet they come to the same thing, this thing that we experience. It’s like telling the same story in two different ways. The narrative is the same but they way you feel while you experience it is vastly different. So perhaps the way to decide how reality works is to first really understand how you feel. It really leaves little room for planning. The ending is different according to the process, so the only course of action is to just jump on in.