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UGH No More ADS!

Haha Nate: no I’m not considering ads or anything right now. Someday I would like to start some kind of a blog with a purpose–you know, meaningful, important or at least entertaining. Something that captures people’s attention. Not sure if I’d feel comfortable putting ads up even then. I work pretty hard to avoid looking at ads at any point in my life so it’d be rather hypocritical to put them in front of others then. I do like the idea of people supporting people. The internet does seem to make the more and more possible. Directly funding each other or using kickstarters or whatnot.

Maybe someday I’ll make a paypal and put a tip jar up here for my danthan27@gmail account, just in case one of my random ramblings inspires someone to part with some coin. It’s a shame it isn’t easier to fund people on the web in kind of a tip sort of way. Maybe flattr or bitcoin will end up working after all.