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More about Mayans and Leap Years

This post for stackexchange is an even better explanation of how they came to December 21, 2012 for the end of the Mayan long count calendar.


yes, the Mayan calendar did not include leap days. But, it didn’t need to, since they didn’t have anything to do with solar years. In fact, as you can see, the closest equivalent Mayan period to a solar year, a tun, is only 360 days — already five days off.

In a nutshell you can just figure out what day on our calendar equals day zero on the Mayan calendar. The article says that day is: August 11th, 3114 B.C.

The entire Mayan calendar is 1,872,000 days long. So you just start at August 11, 3114 B.C. and start counting of those 1.8 million days. Yes, we counted here at bilocation and indeed, you come up with December 21, 2012.


How to Survive the Apocalypse pt2

Well I think that must have been the strangest dream of all time. I’m kind of shook up.

It’s all starting to seem pretty unbelievable now but to wake up while actually typing on my computer, well, that’s a first for this blogger anyway. While searching for any evidence that what I dreamt was true I did stumble upon this Mayan Doomsday gem:

Believers of the Mayan calendar prediction that the world will end on December 21 have flooded into a small village in western Turkey, near the ancient Greek city of Ephesus.

They think Ephesus was where the Virgin Mary rose to heaven, which this ex-Lutheran wasn’t even aware of happening. But apparently at least 60,000 are aware of this and excited enough to make the journey there to wait out the end times. I guess Mary left some of her aura or something there so when the rest of the planet breaks apart somehow this place will go on just fine. Pretty awesome power, really.

Oh wait, maybe there’s a better reason for Ephesus’ popularity:

An ancient Greek village, Sirince is home to boutique hotels attracting Turkey’s wealthy class. It is also well known for its wine.

Now that’s a Doomsday Destination we can get behind.

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Batshit CERN Mayan Doomsday Theories

I do not claim rights to this image, but I think he got it on google image search anyway

Don’t worry, the world is NOT ending. Strange things happen all the time. Strange things have always happened on this planet. We’re still here. Relax and enjoy the gift of your life. Enjoy it with wonder and open-mindedness.

And enjoy my latest batshit theory find. This one relating to CERN and the LHC (which, by the way is NOT testing on the 21st):

[image subtitle] In Mayan belief a serpent rope emerges from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by an 8-rayed or 8-spoked wheel. Cosmic sap oozes from this world tree or cosmic cross

Usually, when one thinks of ‘sap’ they’re thinking of a watery liquid nutrient that circulates through the conducting tissues of a plant or tree (that or a person who acts like an idiot). However, when I Go(ogle)d, excuse me, Googled, ‘cosmic sap’ I found that ‘sap’ is also an acronym for ‘sub atomic particle’ (or sap).

Hmm. Are the Mayans describing a ‘blessed sub atomic particle’ that will appear in 2012, give or take year or two? Is this the same as the God Particle?

I think so.

He makes several similarly spurious and arbitrary connections throughout. Apparently he’s a somewhat known player in the field of connect-your-own-dots pseudoscience mumbo jumbo. Apparently many silly people are won over by spurious and arbitrary connections. But no, I would not recommend clicking through. Critical thinking gets lost in such stream-of-consciousness theorizing.

THIS Site Has an Official Reader!

Someone must have found my email address from my post to Nate about getting some blogging revenue. I still think about putting up a tip box someday for my danthan27@gmail.com Paypal address. Maybe when I have more readers and more time to post.


Hey Dan, thanks for the CERN research. Not that I really bought into the whole Mayan calendar thing or anything but the LHC nonsense was starting to eat at me. Seemed like the only plausible theory out there.

Your posts on world hysteria caught me off guard though. Still going on? We haven’t seen the ash you’re talking about here yet but I do have a catscratch and a foggy mind today. Might be because I was tormenting my cat while drunk last night though.


No actually it’s seemingly quieting down around here. Not even much of the ashy stuff in the air. Thanks for the email—I’ll keep posting.

Oh, if you have short comments, twitter is easier: @DanThantanos

Mountain Doomsday Mecca pt2 – Serbia

I’m really interested to see how this one plays out. This is the third sacred safe place I’ve uncovered for doomsday panickers:

Arthur C Clarke, the British science fiction writer, reportedly identified the peak as a place of “special energy” and called it “the navel of the world”.

I remember reading about this one a while back actually. Apparently it’s too pointy to be a real mountain so people are sure that aliens buried a pyramid there thousands of years ago. I think it’s an awesome idea but I’m not holding my breath that the mothership is going to take off from there in nine days.

Other Mayan apocalypse Havens here & here.

[image from the article]