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Mayan Calendar: Niburu Debunked (and more)

Here’s another article debunking all the Mayan Calendar nonsense. Niburu is really the easiest to disprove and gets a specific debunking:

“Niburu and Planet X are the same thing, and neither one exists,” Morrison said. “If it were real, astronomers would have been tracking it, and by now it would be the brightest thing in the sky after the moon.

In short, WE’D SEE IT BY NOW. Case closed.

Blog the Chaos Around Us

My good buddy Dan asked me today why I wasn’t blogging more specific quotes and stories about what’s going on in the world. I think partly it’s because it’s impossible to get any word on what’s actually going on. There’s plenty of sites blogging everything they can find. The temptation to speculate is too great already and I can see a lot of others spiraling into a kind of hole of their own paranoia.

What I want to do is just try to get to the bottom of this. If there is a bottom. If this is some kind of natural phenomena, I’m useless. But if it’s something else, maybe I can just sit and try to stay calm and focused and figure it out. Typing here helps me organize my thoughts so that’s probably what’s going to be here while this all plays out. Hopefully it’ll play out like it did last week but this cycle seems much worse.

If you’re out there and reading this and have some ideas about what’s going on, like legitimately (none of this apocalypse nonsense), send me a message.

What’s happening to humanity?

What’s happening to humanity? I’m feeling more able to focus today so I thought I’d type this out to try and work it out in my head again. The best theories are, funny enough, pretty much the same as the Mayan apocalypse theories.

The ones that are remotely plausible anyway.

I would suppose when people heard the silliness around the Mayan calendar, they just dropped in pet theories for how things could go down. Now with this bigger, more real threat, they’re attributing them here.

1. CERN – there are protests and riots outside CERN because of their LHC which they said was shut down carefully due to a concern for the mental health of the scientists. People aren’t buying it especially since many of the phenomena seemed to be centered around Europe at the start.

2. NASA – no theory blames NASA but people accuse them of a coverup. Protests here too. They’ve been accused of hiding evidence of solar storms or some wacky quantum field (like the three day theory). NASA has been pretty upfront and honest: ‘we don’t know what’s going on’. They’ve added a full section (linked above) to their ‘why the world won’t end’ FAQ explaining the theories.

Though riots are everywhere, they’re less violent and prevalent as you’d think, maybe because of the general mental anguish everyone is experiencing. It really could be a lot worse. Of course a lot of people are looking to religion and frankly, I wish more people knew about my site so I could get some ideas for what’s ꙻakashꙻcꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻ ꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻind ꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ ꙻ ꙻꙻꙻꙻ ꙻ


going on. My suspicion is still pretty quacky/new agey.

Probably not what’s going on but I keep getting this feeling hearkening back to that dream I blogged on back in the early days of the blog. That feeling of a hand pulling me through a door. Pretty egotistical of me to think I’m at the center of all this. Although, saying that now, maybe we’re all at the center somehow.

Nah, that’s too new agey, even for me.