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VERY Quiet – End of the Chaos?

Maybe the confusion is drawing to a close. I was starting to actually worry the Mayans were right. Despite a siren every now and then things almost seem normal. My head almost seems normal. A look outside has a view of people in the streets, obviously (and understandably) dazed but not panicked or suffering. I think we’re all breathing a sigh of relief.

Things More Likely to Lead to Apocalypse than Calendars

This is a very interesting turn of events. One of the biggest tech companies is hiring one of the leading minds in computer evolution:

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are known to be keenly interested in the theory of an upcoming “technological singularity,” a time when human beings and artificially intelligent machines will sync up to push innovation forward at an unprecedentedly fast rate. Kurzweil is one of the most prominent individuals associated with the singularity movement.


Great Music for the Endtimes

This is jiving with my mood right now. Kind of trippy and exotic to this westerner. Perfect mood music for surfing the web for Mayan doomsday links.

You probably know Ravi Shankar died this week. Two weeks, two lost musical greats. Time will take us all unless Ray Kurzweil and Google figure out how to stop death (rather than bringing robot doomsday on us all).