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The Stevens Assassination and the Hookup Culture

1. Stevens Assasination
2. Hookup Culture

1. Stevens, Romney, Dehumanization

Bilocation wasn’t meant for politics, rather for my attempted clever observations on the Maya and 2012 end-of-the-world armageddon cults. I won’t rationalize except to say that the real world has a way of grabbing the attention of the escapist and drawing them in.
With all the political games being played around it, the Stevens assationation was dehumanized before most of us even knew it happened. Romney’s early response to it is clearly the most to blame for this as has been noted in other places on the web — had he stayed silent the media could have focused on the things that really mattered. The assasination of Stevens and his colleagues is a small example of the mayhem in that region. It’s easy to miss the gravity of these things that are happening so far away. One photo hit it home for me. It’s one I’ve only seen in foreign media.

It’s a photo supposedly of Stevens, (link below) battered and unconscious, possibly already dead, with men struggling to carry him somewhere, chaos swirling around them. From that photo I was transported into the scene for a moment – blasts, gunfire, people running here and there.

And a man’s life — ended. A man who went to work like you and I, who was excited to see his family, who had favorite foods, who looked forward to retirement but feared getting older. Now we just have a hole where he was.

I can’t make a judgment on the situation in turbulent places like this but I do think it would the world a bit of good to reflect on the reality of the thousands such lives we are losing. Perhaps if we connect the ends of others to our own eventual ends, we’ll have less of a stomach for all of this.

link to Stevens photo – warning: graphic

2. RE: Andrew Sullivan’s blog on the hookup culture

Many commenters seem keen to point out the benefits of sex when speaking of a committed relationship while denouncing drawbacks when speaking of the hookup culture. As we all know, monogamous relationships have the monopoly on interpersonal connection, and the hookup culture has the monopoly on birth control.

As was pointed out today in Sully’s blog, we rationalize our reasoning to fit our beliefs.
To illustrate my point, from the comments posted later on: the Mormon decrying ‘sexual compatibilty’ because the sex that all their virgin marriages preceeded was fine. I, for one, am simply shocked that this is something they’ve never heard of! Inspired by that comment I decided to then find some student drivers to advise me on highway etiquitte.

Perhaps marriage is traditionally ‘normal’ in our recent history, but are social norms always the best way to do things? Can we agree to encourage each other’s freedom to make different choices rather than wasting our time defending harsh and ignorant ‘death’ comments?
I’m absolutely sure that the commenter who was happy his daughter was exploring sex was simply happy that she was discovering herself. In any facet of life, particularly the very human aspects, exploration and experimentatino, I believe, are the surest path to making ourselves better.

link to the Andrew Sullivan blog comment

Mars Rover – Discovery for the History Books

Maybe people in every age say this: could this be one of the most transformative periods of human history? This is the latest news to have me holding my breath:

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has apparently made a discovery “for the history books,” but we’ll have to wait a few weeks to learn what the new Red Planet find may be, media reports suggest.


Revelation 9 Event

It’s a phrase I came across today. Google doesn’t turn up a result for it but it is probably obviously a reference to Revelations 9 in the Bible. It fascinates me how deep this apocalyptic theory goes. I asked the blogger to expand, and he kindly did:

Dan, all I can offer at the moment is the sidebar search here and on theopenscroll.com. Search “revelation 9” and you’ll get plenty of hits. My reference to “rev 9 event” is to the opening of the pit by the angel king.

It is interesting to me that some conspiracy theorists believe events are happening to bring about the end times yet dismiss Dec. 21 as the likely armageddon. Curious that one could see through the Mayan calendar theories yet hold tight to a different doomsday scenario.

Apocalypse Now

And then it all floods back. I was standing in a dusty supermarket, shadows of branches and leaves waving in the wind swept the floors. Everyone was dazed. I wouldn’t call it panic buying since no one knew what to panic about. The cashier asked me something but I was momentarily stunned as if I had just awoken from a nightmare bolted upright. I don’t know what’s going on in my head lately, all this confusion and cloudiness.

Managing to clear some of the fog I asked for a plastic bag and started jamming my produce in it. The news is just too weird. It’s not like 9/11 where obviously a Horrible Thing had happened. But jet black ash appearing over much of the western world is clearly not a good thing. It seems like most of us are suffering from at least a bit of this cloudy head thing too. I like how it’s Us now (that’s one similarity to 9/11). It’s not uncommon to bump into someone who suffered a recent cat scratch or dog bite. We’re all on edge and it’s not just the news. It’s like some heavenly hypnotist has tricked our brains into churning nothing, everything, over and over. We’re all ruminating.

Maybe the ash is connected. I’m at my computer now, typing, trying to get my brain straight, trying to figure out the progression of this amateur blogger’s (me) posts. Trying to make heads of what’s going on with me and what’s going on with the world. Most people think it’s Israel, some say CERN did something crazy. I gotta say I think if it were Israel messing up the world it would be a lot harder to keep the public from knowing.

Strangest information I can find, maybe the most relevant to me are these ‘waking dreams’ popping up all over in reports. Some are pretty explainable, people thinking they saw long-lost friends and relatives. Some, like this, are downright spooky:

…then I was on a different train. It was an awfully unsettling feeling because it suddenly was half as fast and, I know my route like the back of my hand, it was turning in a different direction. Looking outside, everything was just slightly different. Like I couldn’t pinpoint it but different in some unknowable way. The most unsettling part was noticing a different flag on the buildings. I’m a vet and have some pretty intense national pride and that just floored me. I’m still shaking. At some point things righted themselves kind of like how in a dream you forget all the strange stuff that’s going on. But I still find myself looking around and making sure the stars and stripes are still there.

[image credit]

THIS Site Has an Official Reader!

Someone must have found my email address from my post to Nate about getting some blogging revenue. I still think about putting up a tip box someday for my danthan27@gmail.com Paypal address. Maybe when I have more readers and more time to post.


Hey Dan, thanks for the CERN research. Not that I really bought into the whole Mayan calendar thing or anything but the LHC nonsense was starting to eat at me. Seemed like the only plausible theory out there.

Your posts on world hysteria caught me off guard though. Still going on? We haven’t seen the ash you’re talking about here yet but I do have a catscratch and a foggy mind today. Might be because I was tormenting my cat while drunk last night though.


No actually it’s seemingly quieting down around here. Not even much of the ashy stuff in the air. Thanks for the email—I’ll keep posting.

Oh, if you have short comments, twitter is easier: @DanThantanos