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Meteor Shower of Unseen Proportions

There are some rumors going around about where the ask all came from. Lots of conspiracy theories too since the only word we’ve gotten from the Obama administration is:

We don’t yet know what the cause of these natural phenomena are. We continue to search for an answer and will make an announcement when we do. The thing to remember now is that it seems to be dissipating and we expect normalcy to return as soon as Sunday.

I’m still having a little flicker of trouble with my electronics (had to tell my computer to post this about six times) but if you have access to news now you know the theories. There was one other one that I found that isn’t talked a lot about:

A heavy deluge of particulate entering the atmosphere could possibly have this kind of effect. The ash could be evidence of the material, burned after the heat of atmospheric entry. The haze could be vaporization of some of it. The kind of particle field in space this would require is unprecedented, not just in size and scope, but the existence of such has never been confirmed or really even theorized.

The theory could explain the reports of an orange tint to the night sky even in very rural areas, but I’m not convinced. It seems a bit too far out, like a lot of the Mayan theories I post on. Lots of hypothesis and theory but very little working proof. Then again, dealing with never-before-seen phenomena, maybe this is the best we have to work with.

Black Ash Is Back

Multiple new metropolitan sightings of that eerie ash floating in the air.


“My windshield wipers were wiping thick black wads off my windshield on my trip to Windsor today. I started to worry a bomb had gone off.”

Still no idea what it’s from though I haven’t seen any in my part of the world. I called my family to make sure they were okay and check in. Sounds like it’s a kind of normalcy with a shade of nervousness going around town.

I really was beginning to believe this was over. My electronics had even been working well until just a bit ago. A post took about a dozen tries to actually take online. At least my head is working still.

Global Hoax? Strange Visions Return

This is a bad omen. Lots of little tweets mentioning waking dreams:

broncoguy44¬†–¬†Driving home today I suddenly had this feeling I was walking in mud. REALLY strange meditation I fell into.

howzthemissus – Sleep paralysis is a bitch. I almost had a heart attack waking up to an empty world today

marktommo РOkay I have no idea where my mind was this afternoon.

Maybe I’m rushing to conclusions but there seems like a lot more talk about this in the twitterverse than the last few days. We aren’t out of the woods yet.

Couldn’t Blog

Knowing the compulsive tendencies of bloggers and social-netizens, you may understand the panic I felt when I couldn’t get into my blog. I woke up this morning with no feelings of cloudiness in my head at all, none of that nonsense we’re all used to seeing outside our windows. Rushing to join the celebration online and on my blog, I logged in. Or tried to but my info wouldn’t work. While I was trying to figure it out I surfed around a little trying to get a grip on what happened in the night – no such luck. There was absolutely nothing about the ash ending, about the skies going blue again. Nothing. I finally stopped in on bilocation.org here and noticed that many posts were missing and the ones that remained were all signed with an old login.

Feeling anxious now, I tried to remember my password. I thought it was anxiety, anyway. Slowly the feeling came back, that cloudy feeling. So I got up and thought maybe a quick breath of fresh air and some movement would do. Not sure what happened then exactly. That familiar force took over and the next thing I knew I was stirring a freshly-poured cup of tea. Outside the window was the now-familiar skies, the black ash had perhaps even grown thicker, nearly snowfall-level density.

I felt defeated and anxious so I called a couple of friends. They’re missing some time too but were perplexed by my apparent waking dream of normal life.

So I sat back down and was unsurprised to see that the internet and the world was back to chaos. My bilocation login worked at least.



Open the Gates of Hell

Overwhelmed from news on the other side. Creeping creeping creeping around both sides of the planet. Something dark and evil this way comes. Something unfamiliar. Take my hand.

L.A. Times:

Natural phenomena condensing to nearly opaque black fog. Once white skies and black ashen debris, now black syrupy fog, white speckled ‘windows’ swirling. Breakdown of scattered reports estimates phenomena spreading from a longitude centered on Asian continent, spreading parallel to longitude. North America estimated to see phenomena last. Source of bright lights witnessed brightening before being mostly obscured by fog. Mental effects worsen, affecting only a small percentage of human population. Basic breakdown of social structures has begun making information difficult to attain, even by those capable of fully comprehending. All are advised to fill tubs for drinking water and stay inside, stay calm. Panicking will only make it worse. We request all readers to send us updates, whoever, wherever you are.