Dan’s lieblings-Doomsday

This one really isn’t plausible but it’s likely the most plausible of the theories I’ve uncovered so far:

Оn the Internet and on television with great speed are distributed a new message of Doomsday, which should come on December 21, 2012. As reported, the author of the new predictions of Doomsday is a lama from the monastery of Gyandrek near Kailas, better known as the Oracle of Shambhala. According to the Oracle of Shambhala, which he outlined for NASA, end of the world begins with the passage of the Earth, with the entire Solar system, through the “galactic zero band” that would cause that silence and darkness on the planet, it should last for three days, all space at the same time be in a state of “zero voids”, and then, after February 7, 2013, a sounds and lights will gradually return to Earth. According to Oracle Shambhala, a panic on Doomsday could kill people- about 10% of humanity.