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Mayan Prophecy and 2012 Armageddon

I’ve always been fascinated with end-of-the-world theories. These dark moods I’ve been waking up in lately seem to keep up my interest. Interestingly, there’s some buzz around the web and such, but not a lot of excitement or fear like I remember there being with the Y2K thing. Maybe it’s because it seems so much less likely that an ancient civilization could predict the end of the world thousands of years in advance. Less likely, surely, than mankind creating a technology that would be our eventual doom.

There’s some contradiction in the Mayan prediction anyway. They never really claimed it was the end as much as just got lazy and didn’t create another new calendar to follow the one that is ending too. Of course the (erroneous, apparently) idea that they didn’t account for leap years has been circulating for a while, probably giving people less reason to even entertain the idea. And certain finds lend further assurance to the conclusion most have come to that the Mayans meant for it to roll over to the next age.

It gives us some excitement anyway, to think about it and joke about it. As bits of snow start dropping on this autumn day, looking a bit like ash to my cloudy mind, I can’t help but feel like something meaningful might come of it.

Clearly we’re all doomed.

Archaeologists say they’ve discovered what could be the tomb of one of the greatest Mayan rulers, the seventh-century warrior queen Lady K’abel.

It’s possible I’m not getting enough sleep.

I actually didn’t make the connection that the Mayan one was a seasonal calendar.

I should have probably.


On an unrelated note: Nate are you getting this weird ashy stuff floating around outside your building?

The Mayan Apocalypse will be an internal one.

Not sure what to think about those ashes. Maybe a neighbor had a apocalyptic experience with a charcoal grill or something. I swear there was ash all over the place falling like snow past my window. Now that I go out and look, I ain’t getting nothing and my buddy Nate said nothing too. Strange to communicate with a buddy from your blog I guess but he follows me (and all his thousand blogs) religiously closely.

PS, thought this was interesting:

Most experts claim that the transformative event at the end of the Mayan Calendar 2012 is more of an internal one, rather than a physical one.

They even started an Indiegogo at the link to fundraise for awareness campaigns. Not sure if it’s legit but I sure am interested in the idea of this Mayan apocalypse being an internal one.