Open the Gates of Hell

Overwhelmed from news on the other side. Creeping creeping creeping around both sides of the planet. Something dark and evil this way comes. Something unfamiliar. Take my hand.

L.A. Times:

Natural phenomena condensing to nearly opaque black fog. Once white skies and black ashen debris, now black syrupy fog, white speckled ‘windows’ swirling. Breakdown of scattered reports estimates phenomena spreading from a longitude centered on Asian continent, spreading parallel to longitude. North America estimated to see phenomena last. Source of bright lights witnessed brightening before being mostly obscured by fog. Mental effects worsen, affecting only a small percentage of human population. Basic breakdown of social structures has begun making information difficult to attain, even by those capable of fully comprehending. All are advised to fill tubs for drinking water and stay inside, stay calm. Panicking will only make it worse. We request all readers to send us updates, whoever, wherever you are.