Cloud control could be key

Cloud control could be key. I could be crazy. I think I’m crazy. I didn’t step through. I could have stepped through. Ashen Akashic, the Akashic was said to allow aboriginal awareness. Awareness of all. Time and space collide in the pin of a button. Cry for the charioteer who calls off the race. Answer the ringing phone and ask for the wrong number. How did we ever think clearly? Cloud control can cause static. Otherwise known as Akashic ash. Dust particles. Particulate. My neighbor calls but I act like I’m not home. I could have stepped through. I didn’t step through. Not like this. Next time the carousel collides, next time the white horse appears, next time it stops on a pin. Static ash spackle stars sparkle sunshine stopped. How can I think clearly. Could colliding conjunctions conjure clear cogitation? Could I conjure the courage to step through? Who prepares the meal and leaves the dirty dishes? What driver denies her destination when it was closer than heading back? I think I can control time. Cloud control is key. Can you send for my neighbor now?