Couldn’t Blog

Knowing the compulsive tendencies of bloggers and social-netizens, you may understand the panic I felt when I couldn’t get into my blog. I woke up this morning with no feelings of cloudiness in my head at all, none of that nonsense we’re all used to seeing outside our windows. Rushing to join the celebration online and on my blog, I logged in. Or tried to but my info wouldn’t work. While I was trying to figure it out I surfed around a little trying to get a grip on what happened in the night – no such luck. There was absolutely nothing about the ash ending, about the skies going blue again. Nothing. I finally stopped in on here and noticed that many posts were missing and the ones that remained were all signed with an old login.

Feeling anxious now, I tried to remember my password. I thought it was anxiety, anyway. Slowly the feeling came back, that cloudy feeling. So I got up and thought maybe a quick breath of fresh air and some movement would do. Not sure what happened then exactly. That familiar force took over and the next thing I knew I was stirring a freshly-poured cup of tea. Outside the window was the now-familiar skies, the black ash had perhaps even grown thicker, nearly snowfall-level density.

I felt defeated and anxious so I called a couple of friends. They’re missing some time too but were perplexed by my apparent waking dream of normal life.

So I sat back down and was unsurprised to see that the internet and the world was back to chaos. My bilocation login worked at least.