Lost in the Ether

I can’t really say where I’ve been the last 24 hours. These psychological phenomena feel to me so much like a bad high. Dreams transition seamlessly into waking life, waking life gets lost in the feedback loop. I suddenly was aware today that I was drying some dishes and couldn’t remember how long I had really been doing it.

I’m handling it better than many. A couple of my friends are drinking a lot. There is one fellow on my block that knocks by now and then. I think he must be checking in on a bunch of us on the block, maybe all of us. He’s handling the thing really well and we talked for quite a while about what was going on. The tv and internet don’t provide much info, it seems like most of the world is experiencing this same stuff right now, lots of people confused, crazy skies. He thinks it’s a natural event because (I’m paraphrasing him here): “if it’s happening then it’s natural some way or another.”

He must be right of course.


One thing my mind keeps going to is something I wrote about a while back. Maybe the world isn’t the physical clockwork that we’ve observed. It’s true that it does conform to certain predictable patterns, but what if there’s some kind of tipping point? What if these laws degrade over time or what if it’s some kind of giant simulation that could be prone to bugs from time to time? Or what if it’s all a dream and we’re all waking up into some other world or maybe the dream is all there is and we don’t wake up? The dream just ends.

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