Blog the Chaos Around Us

My good buddy Dan asked me today why I wasn’t blogging more specific quotes and stories about what’s going on in the world. I think partly it’s because it’s impossible to get any word on what’s actually going on. There’s plenty of sites blogging everything they can find. The temptation to speculate is too great already and I can see a lot of others spiraling into a kind of hole of their own paranoia.

What I want to do is just try to get to the bottom of this. If there is a bottom. If this is some kind of natural phenomena, I’m useless. But if it’s something else, maybe I can just sit and try to stay calm and focused and figure it out. Typing here helps me organize my thoughts so that’s probably what’s going to be here while this all plays out. Hopefully it’ll play out like it did last week but this cycle seems much worse.

If you’re out there and reading this and have some ideas about what’s going on, like legitimately (none of this apocalypse nonsense), send me a message.