It’s Full On Now

Good god, it’s full on now. Orange skies back, ash swirling. There is no word coming out of most of eastern Europe at all. It’s like all their power went out at once. That came on fast. I was just writing a post almost wondering if everything that happened last week was real.

This is crazy:

Everyone I talked to in Bratislava experienced nearly the same vision. Spots of light flashing at the edges of vision growing to loss of color throughout. A ringing sound in the ears and the feeling of moving somewhere yet being held in place or being pulled in two directions at once. Many feared for their life and physical signs of panic were still visible as they spoke.

This wasn’t isolated. Everyone is talking about it. In the hour since it has happened communications networks are jammed.

Strangest to me is a common thread in conversations: ego death. Many many mention a loss of self or a connection to everything or general nothingness.