More of What Actual Mayans Think of December 21st

It could just be regular clouds but the sky is getting really hazy again. It’s freaking me out since it has been so quiet. It’s almost normal here today. To cheer myself up I did a little more looking around for Doomsday theories.

Modern-day Mayans seem like really down-to-earth people. So many chill quotes about the coming doomsday prophecy:

“We don’t know if the world is going to end,” said Liborio Yeh Kinil, a 62-year-old who can usually be found sitting on a chair outside his small grocery store at the corner of the grassy central square of the town of Uh-May in Quintana Roo state. “Remember 2006, and the `6-6-6′ (June 6, 2006): A lot of people thought something was going to happen, and nothing happened after all.”

There may be a source to their relaxed way of looking at things:

In all the fervor, Mayas rely on an ancestral calm built of good humor, calmness and the fact that it’s too hot to get all worked up about things.