‘Foggy Mind’ Reports Centering in Europe

Sounds like it is as bad there as anywhere:

Numerous reports coming in from nations in the Eurozone – mass depression, mass hysteria, or massive hoax? In numbers too large to believe, citizens complaining of mental anguish and fatigue are flooding emergency lines, stretching emergency resources thin.

Is this a hysteria related to the strange natural phenomena reported in nearly every populous city in the western world?

No, it sounds exactly like what I’ve been dealing with for the last few months. And it’s only getting worse. I can’t even run into someone on the street that doesn’t have some similar symptoms.

Image credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinyfroglet/

I’ve started trying to just be calm and present with the cloud in my head and have come to some understanding with it. I’ve mused about it before as a feedback loop and I am more sure that’s the perfect way to explain what we’re all starting to sense. I think maybe even our animals are dealing with it. It would explain the sudden rise in severe reactionary responses in our pets lately.

My best explanation of the sensation is, if you’ve ever been super high on weed (no this is not a pot joke), it’s that feeling. Where your thoughts or the things happening around you become ultra detailed and the more you focus on them the easier it is to focus. Kind of a mental feedback where it all gets more powerful and sometimes very overwhelming.

Some people think it’s some kind of chemical warfare. I gotta say no. It’s much to widespread. Some are saying CERN did it. Two theories: One, they’re opening gravitational vertices that are cracking the earth’s crust globally and releasing this chemical into the air. Two, the gravity alone is enough to upset our natural balance and create this mental confusion.

I gotta say no there too but I don’t have a better explanation either. These CERN scares are widely debunked – no doubt the black holes they’re creating are far far too small and short-lived to cause any problems. And none of them explain the skies and the clouds of ash.

So what is it? I don’t know. I’m starting to suspect that this Feedback Loop we’re experiencing is something we’re ALWAYS tapped into. It just takes an altered state to bring it to our attention. Why is it happening now? Well, what do you think? Any theories? Tweet meĀ @DanThantanos with your thoughts.