Apocalypse Now

And then it all floods back. I was standing in a dusty supermarket, shadows of branches and leaves waving in the wind swept the floors. Everyone was dazed. I wouldn’t call it panic buying since no one knew what to panic about. The cashier asked me something but I was momentarily stunned as if I had just awoken from a nightmare bolted upright. I don’t know what’s going on in my head lately, all this confusion and cloudiness.

Managing to clear some of the fog I asked for a plastic bag and started jamming my produce in it. The news is just too weird. It’s not like 9/11 where obviously a Horrible Thing had happened. But jet black ash appearing over much of the western world is clearly not a good thing. It seems like most of us are suffering from at least a bit of this cloudy head thing too. I like how it’s Us now (that’s one similarity to 9/11). It’s not uncommon to bump into someone who suffered a recent cat scratch or dog bite. We’re all on edge and it’s not just the news. It’s like some heavenly hypnotist has tricked our brains into churning nothing, everything, over and over. We’re all ruminating.

Maybe the ash is connected. I’m at my computer now, typing, trying to get my brain straight, trying to figure out the progression of this amateur blogger’s (me) posts. Trying to make heads of what’s going on with me and what’s going on with the world. Most people think it’s Israel, some say CERN did something crazy. I gotta say I think if it were Israel messing up the world it would be a lot harder to keep the public from knowing.

Strangest information I can find, maybe the most relevant to me are these ‘waking dreams’ popping up all over in reports. Some are pretty explainable, people thinking they saw long-lost friends and relatives. Some, likeĀ this, are downright spooky:

…then I was on a different train. It was an awfully unsettling feeling because it suddenly was half as fast and, I know my route like the back of my hand, it was turning in a different direction. Looking outside, everything was just slightly different. Like I couldn’t pinpoint it but different in some unknowable way. The most unsettling part was noticing a different flag on the buildings. I’m a vet and have some pretty intense national pride and that just floored me. I’m still shaking. At some point things righted themselves kind of like how in a dream you forget all the strange stuff that’s going on. But I still find myself looking around and making sure the stars and stripes are still there.

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