Missing Time – What’s Going On?

What is going on?

Pretty much everything I did on my computer for the last few hours is completely gone. What a strange morning. Especially with all the nutty things happening in the world to blog about. I had a post all ready for you, dear reader, filled with mayhem.

Surely you’ve been paying attention too, though it would almost appear that what happened to my computer happened all over because I can’t find the news I swear I was just reading anywhere now. Just bits and pieces. I feel a little crazy. Like I just woke up from a dream so real that what happened in it seemed like a real memory.

I know I was surfing and blogging though, through this foggy day. I even thought I saw a couple bits of snow, weird for N. CA. Then a flicker on the screen and the lights in my room which to me now almost seem like some big reset switch was pressed over the hours preceding it. Awfully strange.

If any of you have a link to the strange things that were happening these last few hours like house pets freaking out, electrical storms, episodes of hysterics in populated cities, pleaseĀ send them this way.