Wired Magazine Debunks Doomsday Fears

They pretty much cover all the theories I’ve heard:

  • planetary/galactic alignment: nope, these things have next to no effect on our planet. Alignments happen all the time but we’re still here typing about it.
  • Nibiru: it just doesn’t exist. Our governments are simply incapable of the kind of coverup that would be required to quell evidence that even amateur astronomers could dig up. The planet would have to be too big to hide this long.
  • ‘2012’: it’s a movie guys, get over it.
  • Solar Storms: the solar maximum (the moment when the suns rays are the most extreme) is an 11 month cycle. These extremes aren’t likely to be any worse than ever. Plus, the extreme is forecast for a date after 12/21
  • Magnetic flip: two things. First, the flip is likely to be gradual. Second, it has happened before and the planet is still here. Seems like if this did happen we’d have time to adjust our technology to avoid a social breakdown too.
  • Attacking hordes of aliens! First time I’ve seen this mentioned: of course there’s no way to disprove this because there’s no evidence to debunk in the first place. They do link to an article which I CAN NOT WAIT to read.

Okay this is too good. That invading horde of aliens article has a PHOTO of the incoming fleet. It’s clearly legitimate: