Continuing Confusion – Solar Flare, Really?

This solar flare thing is getting more and more frightening. It seems less possible as a likely cause. There are strange stories floating around the internet about lost data on computers. It would be one thing if ALL data were lost in these cases but people are coming up with unprecedented numbers of corrupted files and half done files. I have one file on my computer, for instance, an essay I was typing, that has the first third of what I typed and the last third but nothing in the middle. Like everything I did for that middle three hours was banished to limbo. Dev forums seem to be spiking with complaints of software issues. Entire websites faulty. Hardware problems are intermittent but data issues seem permanent so far. You computer will come back on but the data doesn’t come back.

It still seems limited mostly to W. Hemisphere areas so the solar flare theory still holds there. The hardware/software issues can be explained by this, though it’s not as likely as they seem to want us to believe. It would take quite a flare to do that kind of damage.

What doesn’t make sense to me are the reports of rogue information. We’ve got people talking like some alien abductee from The X-Files who suddenly looks up and notices three hours have passed that they don’t remember at all. The only ‘evidence’ that anything happened in that time is bits and pieces from the net: random tweets, news sites, blogs,  all with information that never seemed to happen.

Complex armageddon prank in like of the coming ‘Mayan Doomsday’? Or general hysteria? I am starting to feer it’s something deeper than that. What makes it personal: many of the people reporting these issues also mention this confused feeling I’ve been having trouble with.