The Beginning of the Mayan End?

What happened last night? Is anyone else getting information. I’m not seeing much of it on the MSM. My area and several places in the US and W. Europe seem to have the same problems. Either no one up at the top is connecting the dots or more likely, they don’t think it’s a big deal. I’ve heard the official word on the cause is solar flare.

That would explain the sporadic blackouts and problems with electronics.

It does not explain the behavior observed in these areas. It’s possible the confusion and panic reported is a mass hysteria from the glitchy gadgets. I do not think it’s possible that solar flares affect people like that. Maybe someone knows better than me.

I’ve found some conspiracy theories that say CERN, FEMA, even the Mayans and the predicted apocalypse is behind this. Incidentally, that’s how I noticed it wasn’t just around these parts these things were happening. Obviously I’m fascinated by conspiracy theory and the Mayan scare.

Apocalypse is my personal devil. Some like to think the devil is following them around, personally hounding them until they turn to evil. Makes you even feel a bit important, despite the horror that should imply. Apocalypse fills the same void for others, makes us special somehow – the world we’ve shared with millions of others over the┬ámillennia – now after all that, it’s ending, and it’s happening to us. Now.

Of course this solar flare or whatever isn’t the end of the world. But who can blame a guy for indulging his ego a bit?