Do your skies fill with ash or your minds fill with clouds?

The only for-sure, definite meaning we can garner from life is the effect our small push of actions and ideas has on the evolution of humanity. They push it slightly in your own direction whether you intend it or not.

My concern is that we are more powerful than simply causing ‘slight’ effects. My concern is that my thoughts have some degree of responsibility for recent world events. Talk of ashes and cloudy minds are more evident on the web lately – or am I just preoccupied since I keep experiencing these things. Perhaps it’s just that feeling I’ve been waking up with. This morning is the worst yet. I’ve realized it’s not just a cloudy feeling, it’s paranoid. Like that feeling that pot causes. You’ll know it if you’ve smoked it – it’s the uncomfortable ruminating and obsessive paranoia that only comes from the strange ability to focus imparted by marijuana.