Life is a feedback loop.

I’ve been noticing that strange morning confusion lasting longer and longer into the day. That disorientation and confusion is nearly gone usually by noon at the latest, sooner if I have my morning Joe. It fades but never quite goes away.

Living with any altered state does have its benefits, I’ve noticed new things about myself that I haven’t noticed before. I can’t imagine this is new unless it’s a symptom of the same problem.

I think our biological beings work different than we suspect. I think we kind of assume that our brains are an on/off switch. Thoughts are thought and then disappear, right? But lately I’ve been noticing that my thoughts don’t disappear, rather they slowly fade in the sense of a half life or a feedback loop.

I know it sounds strange but try it for me, maybe when you’ve had a couple drinks or a hit of something. When a particularly impactful idea crosses your mind, just sit back and observe where it goes. I’d bet you it sticks with you longer than you expect.